Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 VFPX Administrators’ Award

The VFPX Administrators’ Award is an annual award given by the VFPX Administrators (Craig Boyd, Rick Schummer, and Doug Hennig) to recognize those people who made outstanding contributions to the VFP community through their projects on VFPX. The nominees this year were:

  • Matt Slay for GoFish
  • Joel Leach for ParallelFox and FoxTabs
  • Jim Nelson for Thor, PEM Editor 7
  • Alexander Golovlev for FoxBarCode  Update: we had the wrong project manager. Sorry about the mix-up.

At the keynote for Southwest Fox 2011, the award was given to Joel Leach. In hindsight, the award was prescient, because Jody Meyer’s session on ParallelFox and Kevin Ragsdale’s session on multi-threading were the buzz of the conference: at every meal, most discussions were about ways to incorporate parallel processing or multi-threading in VFP apps.

Congratulations to Joel and thanks for all your efforts in making VFPX the future of VFP.


Luis Maria said...

The FoxBarcode project managers are: Guillermo Carrero and Luis Maria Guayan.

FoxBarcode uses the gpImage2 class of Alexander Golovlev and Cesar Chalom.

Luis María Guayán
Tucumán, Argentina
SysOp de
Nada corre como un zorro

Doug Hennig said...

Oops, sorry about the mix-up.


Joel Leach said...

Thank you very much for the award. I was very honored and surprised to receive it.