Tuesday, April 26, 2022

VFF 2022 (May) Last Chance

Thank you to all who have registered for Virtual Fox Fest; we appreciate your support.

We are down to the last minute and the registration squad is providing one last incentive to get you to register now because the next week is already busy. While we don't mind registering people at the last minute, it is hectic just before the conference and it is much easier to process registrations today than it is the day before or the day of the conference.

Our friends at DBI want to help incentivize you to register in the next 24 hours and have provided us licenses to their awesome products to give away.

1. Two (2) Studio Controls COM 64 Full Developer Licenses (each a USD $699 value, https://www.dbi-tech.com/ProductPage_studiocontrolscom64.aspx)
What's included:
  • 25 Modern Unicode, 64 bit and 32 bit UX Design ActiveX Controls
  • Multiple Access Demos for each component high lighting key industry tested features
  • Detailed, individual component help files
  • Tutorial style 'Developing With' per component help
  • 32 - bit design and Deployment controls
  • 64 - bit Design and Deployment controls
2. One (1) Solutions Schedule COM 64 Version 4.0 (not yet released to the public, USD $1499 value, https://www.dbi-tech.com/ProductPage_SolutionsScheduleCOM64.aspx) Full Developer License
What's currently included:
  • Royalty-Free distribution
  • Source Code Samples written in VFP
  • Compiled (.exe) Samples
  • Annual Product Upgrade Service
  • Direct Access to the Product's Technical Support Group
  • Online license management
  • Online Software Activations
3. Two (2) $100 Microsoft Store Gift Cards.

So here is the deal. Everyone who is registered before 3:00pm (North American Eastern Time, GMT -4) on April 27, 2022 has a chance to win one of the five give-aways, including those who registered earlier. We know this is important so here is the link to the registration site to make things easy: http://geekgatherings.com/Registration

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Virtual Fox Fest: Time to Register

Thanks to all who registered for Virtual Fox Fest; we appreciate your support. This is another friendly reminder to the rest of you that it takes just a few minutes to register, here is the link: register me now

Emails to registered attendees begin next week with all the details about the conference.

You can order your Virtual Fox Fest gear from https://geekgatherings.logosoftwear.com/.

Virtual Fox Fest is May 5, 2022! Only 15 days until we gather virtually via the Internet!

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Virtual Fox Fest 2022 (May): Registrations available

Friendly reminder: if you have not registered for Virtual FoxFest 2022 (May), head on over to https://geekgatherings.com/Registration and get it done before you get distracted again by work. It is important for your long-term development career.