Tuesday, July 20, 2021

New ErrorHandler VFPX Project

I released a new project to VFPX today called ErrorHandler. It’s a highly configurable and customizable error handler for any VFP application. Implementing ErrorHandler is as simple as adding a few files to your project, adding one line of code to your application startup, and deploying a few files with your application (some of which, such as wwDotNetBridge, you may already be deploying).

ErrorHandler supports logging error information to a table, displaying an easy-to-understand dialog to the user (see image below, although you can replace that dialog with one of your choosing), notifying support staff about the error via email or support ticket, and recovering from the error (either continuing in the application but not returning to the method that caused the error or terminating the application).


See the documentation included with the project for complete details on how to implement and customize ErrorHandler in your applications.