Monday, March 19, 2018

New VFPX Projects

There are six new VFPX projects:

  • FastXTab is a replacement for VFPXTab.prg that creates cross-tab tables and cursors. This is an updated version of the class, originally created by Alexander Golovlev, by Vilhelm-Ion Praisach.

  • Win32API provides documentation for calling hundreds of Win32API functions from VFP. This project was generously donated to VFPX by Anatoliy Mogylevets from its original source,, which is no longer available. Tore Bleken converted the documentation into Markdown format.

  • Name Syntax Checker verifies the correctness and controls the translation of a string into a syntactically correct name of a particular domain (the name of VFP variables or fields, the name of XML elements, etc.). This and the rest of the projects are from António Lopes.

  • CalendarCalc provides a set of classes to perform specific calendrical processing tasks, help with internationalization, and build multicultural solutions.

  • CSVProcessor extends VFP capabilities of CSV file handling.

  • XML Library Set extends the VFP XML processing capabilities.

It’s great to see the VFP community continuing to provide features to our beloved development platform!