Sunday, November 16, 2008

Updated Property/Method Replacement Dialogs Project

Jim Nelson has added some very cool new features to the Edit Property/Method replacement dialog project on VFPX. Among the new features are:


  • New columns in the grid showing the member hierarchy (native, inherited, or custom) and favorites.
  • Ability to sort the list by clicking on a column header.
  • Filtering so you can see only properties or methods and only native, non-native, inherited, or custom members.
  • Color-coding: in the image above, I specified red for custom members and blue for inherited.
  • Apply and Revert buttons that are enabled when you change an attribute; the grid is also disabled while you're editing a member to ensure you're finished before selecting another member.
  • Editing the value of native properties.

He also fixed a few bugs and updated the user interface to be cleaner. He made some similar UI changes to the New Property/Method dialog.

If you aren't using these dialog, you don't know what you're missing. They are so much better than the dialogs built into VFP that you'd be crazy not to use them. As great as they were, though, the changes Jim made take these dialogs up to a whole new level of productivity. Great job, Jim!

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Anonymous said...

This thing is awesome. Wait till see see what's coming next... He ain't finished yet! Great work Jim.