Friday, November 07, 2008

Southwest Fox and VFPX

One of the goals of Southwest Fox was to increase the exposure of VFPX to the VFP community. At several conferences last year, Rick Schummer asked attendees how many were familiar with VFPX and was astounded at how few hands went up. So, we purposely had several presentations on VFPX at Southwest Fox this year, including showing some of the projects in the keynote and having a bonus session on VFPX, both of which are available on streaming video. The idea was not just to get more people downloading the various cool VFPX projects but also to fire up the imagination of the VFP community and get more people participating.

It looks like the plan worked. Joel Leach started a new project for the FoxTabs utility (not a new utility but it was languishing and wasn't a community project); he also started blogging. Jim Nelson and Matt Slay started working on the New and Edit Property/Method Replacement Dialog project and have added several cool new features, including filtering by member type. A new person is helping Andrew MacNeill with the Code Analyst project. The VFPX administrators have received submissions for other projects that hopefully will come online soon.

So, what's your idea for a VFPX project? What tools have you created that make your development life a little easier? Or perhaps you have ideas that will take an existing project to the next level. It's time to share them with the community.

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