Friday, October 03, 2008

Fix for Installation of My in Sedna

If you've installed Sedna and tried to use My and found that it didn't work, here's the fix: open My.PJX, open InstallMy.PRG and change this line of code in the GetScriptCode function:

lcDirectory = sys(16)


lcDirectory = sys(16, 1)

Save and build My.APP, then DO My.APP. My should now work correctly for you.

I'll posted an updated version of My on VFPX when I get a chance (not likely until after Southwest Fox).

In case you're interested, the cause of the failure is that the cProxyClasslib property of the FoxCodeLoader class, which is defined in the DATA memo of the MyScript record in your IntelliSense table (FOXCODE.DBF), specifies the path for My.VCX so it can be found on your system. Due to the bug, the property's value is just "My.VCX", without a path, so VFP can't find the VCX. That's because SYS(16) doesn't return a path when called from within an APP while SYS(16, 1) does.

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