Wednesday, October 01, 2008

MVP Award

I am honored to be given the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for 2008-2009. This is the fourteenth consecutive time I've been awarded, and I'm thankful each time! Congratulations to other award recipients; see for a complete list of VFP MVPs.

(I removed my previous post about not being re-awarded. I was sent the "sorry" email by mistake.)


Garrett said...

Congrats, Doug!

The "sorry" post still shows up in Google Reader, though...

AlexF said...

Congrats Doug! Happy to hear the "sorry" email was in error.

VfpImaging said...

Hey Doug,
Nice to see that they fixed this mistake. Definitely, you're one of those that deserves mosr the award.
Thnaks a lot for your contributions !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Doug! I was speechless when I heard about your "mistake" letter.

Anonymous said...

You well deserve it. 14 Congratulations!!!