Sunday, April 02, 2023

New VFPX Project: List Manager

Many tables have columns containing a small range of values. For example, for a customer type column in a customer table, the acceptable values might be "Business", "Consumer", and "Government". Your choices for data entry into such columns are:
  • Allow the user to type a value. This is bad idea because the user may not know what the acceptable values are or may type them incorrectly.

  • Hard-code the values in a combobox. Adding values to the list means changing the program and deploying an update.

  • Create lookup tables for the values. If there are a lot of such columns, that's a lot of tables and maintenance forms for those tables to create.
List Manager is a new VFPX project that manages lists of lookup values and provides controls so users can select values from these lists.  A single table contains all of the lookup values for an application and a single maintenance form allows users to add, edit, or remove values.

Users can select a single value from a specific type of lookup:

or select multiple values into a comma-separated string:

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