Saturday, March 09, 2013

A Couple More Report Designer Bug Fixes

I’ve blogged a few times about minor fixes in the VFP Report Designer: Fixing a Report Designer Bug, Updating the VFPX ReportBuilder.APP, Fixing Another Report Designer Issue, and Fixing Yet Another Report Designer Issue. Here’s a couple of more fixes:

  • If you look very closely at the Format page of the text box properties dialog after selecting Numeric, you may notice that the “CR if positive” checkbox doesn’t quite align with the other checkboxes in its column; it’s one pixel too far to the right as you can see in this enlarged image:


  • The next image shows that in Windows Vista and higher, in which case Segoe UI is used as the font for controls, the “SET DATE format” option is cut off.


I implemented these fixes in the copy of ReportBuilder.APP (and the corresponding source code) available on VFPX. While I was at it, I also implemented Cathy Knight’s fix for the infamous “SET TALK” report output bug in ReportOutput.APP and its source code (thanks to prompting by Christof Wollenhaupt).

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