Monday, March 14, 2011

The Spirit of the Community

César once again shows why the VFP community is alive and well. First, he released a new version of his very cool FoxCharts charting tool. This is a tool that is easily as powerful as many commercial charting tools and yet César has generously donated it and his time to our community. Second, he is actively requesting donations from FoxCharts users, but not for himself: he asks that donations go to the Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund. This fund raises money from the VFP community to bring a developer to the Southwest Fox conference as an ambassador for the developers in his or her country. This gives the recipient the opportunity to meet and share experiences with developers attending Southwest Fox and gives other attendees the opportunity to learn about VFP development in the recipient's country.

Thanks, César, for all you do and for your very strong commitment to the VFP community. César’s generosity and spirit of community should be an inspiration to us all.


Rick Schummer said...

I could not agree more Doug. When Cesar came to us and asked if this could be done I got chills up my spine. Generosity of time to create the tools is already asking a lot of anyone. We are lucky to have people like Cesar in our community for sure.

Luis Maria said...

A well-deserved recognition for Cesar and his brilliant creations as FoxCharts and FoxyPreviewer.

Muito Obrigado Cesar

Roger said...

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