Wednesday, August 30, 2017

VFPX Has Moved

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, VFPX had to move off CodePlex to somewhere else and the VFPX administrators chose GitHub. The migration is now complete: all projects have been moved, with the exception of a few that were dropped because they never had any source code and were abandoned by their project managers. The new link for VFPX is

Thanks to the project managers who assisted with the migration, and especially to Steve Black, who provided a lot of advice and guidance.


Socaltomatoes said...

Will Thor be updated to point to GitHub for updated projects?

Doug Hennig said...

Hi Bill. I'm not sure. However, you can flag each project you're interested in as "watch" so you'll automatically get an email whenever a change is made.

Elnecio said...

Hi Doug

Sorry for using this way to ask questions. I'm a Visual Foxpro enthusiast (more than a developer). I created my own system for my work, very simple and using standard objects from VFP. I'm having problems with image controls not working in Windows 7 and newer versions. I've been trying to find forums or anything where I can place my problem and maybe get some help but I haven't found anything.
Could you please recommend something ?
Could you help if I explain the problem to you ??

Thanks in advance
Regards from Vancouver


Doug Hennig said...

Hi Fidel.

The two main VFP forums where you can post questions are Level Extreme ( and Foxite (


Unknown said...

Don't forget us over at Profox, hosted by Ed Leafe of course!

Lots of experience and help available in spades!

Sign up here:

Dave C