Friday, October 25, 2013

2013 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

At the keynote of the 2013 Southwest Fox conference, we announced this year’s recipients of the FoxPro Lifetime Achievement Award(although I wasn’t there in person, I got to do it via Skype). Because of ties in voting, there were several recipients this year:

  • Janis (formerly Jim) Booth
  • Ted Roche
  • Sergey Berezniker
  • Mike Feltman, which was especially poignant because his wife Toni, a former recipient herself, presented it to him.

See the FoxPro Community Lifetime Achievement Award topic on the Fox Wiki for their photos and bios.

Congratulations, Janis, Ted, Sergey, and Mike. All are well deserving of this award.

Update: you can watch the award presentation in the streaming video of the keynote starting at 28:30.

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