Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Stonefield 20th Anniversary

On November 1, 1991, Glen Crook started Stonefield Systems Group Inc. Over the next several months, I and three others left the company we had all worked for and joined Glen. In 1995, my current business partner Mickey Kupchyk and I bought the other three out and drastically changed the direction of the company. In 2000, we spun the software development side of the company off into Stonefield Software Inc. As I blogged earlier this year, Mickey and I sold Stonefield Systems Group to three employees in July, but still retain ownership of Stonefield Software.

It’s been a great 20 years. Like most things in life, it had a few lows but mostly highs, lots of fun, a little frustration, meeting new people and losing touch with (or sadly losing) a few. I think I’m having as much fun going to work right now as I’ve ever had; learning new techniques and working on new things will do that to you. I’m pretty sure I’ll be retired by the time the next 20 years has gone by, but I may be around for the 30th anniversary.

Thanks to all of our employees, customers, and business partner for making this ride fun and memorable.


Toni M. Feltman said...

Congrats on 20 years Doug! Funny how we can be in this industry for so long and still be so young. How does that work?

Doug Hennig said...

Thanks, Toni, for both comments {g}

Cesar said...

Congratulations Doug!
Hope you keep being a success and a reference to all of us for the next 20 years !



Andrew MacNeill said...

Congrats Doug! Amazing how 20 years just flies by.