Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Replacement for FULLPATH()

Are you as annoyed as I am that FULLPATH() returns the full path for a file as upper-case? That makes it a little hard to respect the case of a user-entered filename. Fortunately, the GetFullPathName Windows API function doesn’t change the case. Here’s a little function that accepts a filename and returns the full path using that API function:

lparameters tcName
local lcBuffer1, ;
lcBuffer2, ;
#define MAX_PATH 260
declare long GetFullPathName in Win32API ;
string lpFileName, long nBufferLength, string @lpBuffer, ;
string @lpFilePart
store space(MAX_PATH) to lcBuffer1, lcBuffer2
lnLen = GetFullPathName(tcName, MAX_PATH, @lcBuffer1, @lcBuffer2)
return left(lcBuffer1, lnLen)

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