Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MVP Summit

As Rick blogged, VFP MVPs had a chance to spend some quality time with several members of the VFP team from Microsoft at the MVP Summit held a couple of weeks ago in Seattle. Here's a picture from that meeting:

vfp gang

Back row: Richard Stanton, Milind Lele, Alan Griver, Igor Vit, Craig Berntson, Doug Hennig, Olaf Doschke, Ken Murphy, Francis Faure

Front row: Tamar Granor, Rick Schummer, Cathy Pountney, Christof Wollenhaupt, Alex Feldstein, Rainer Becker

Canadians made a big impact at the conference. We even got Steve Ballmer to wear a Canada hockey jersey! Here's a picture of our group:


1 comment:

Gonzo said...

Travel to the Summit - $1,000.
Digital pics while there - $1.00
Getting Balmer to wear a Canadian jersey - Priceless.

Good one, Doug