Monday, February 25, 2008

Second Vista Article Online

I completely forgot to mention this earlier: part 2 of my Advisor series on VFP and Vista is available online at In this article, I go over opportunities to take advantage of new Vista features, including user interface improvements, Windows Desktop Search, RSS feeds, and XML Paper Specification.

Update: Since Advisor is closing online access to their articles, I have put a copy of my “Developing VFP Applications for Windows Vista” white paper, the source material for this article, on the Technical Papers page of Stonefield’s web site.

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VfpImaging said...

Hi Doug,

Thanks for this series, specially for publishing them as free articles in Advisor. (I know it's not that common for Advisor to open some articles).

Although many people have not started with Vista, it's irreversible that in the near future all of us will have to go deeper on that.