Thursday, November 01, 2007

Duct Tape Marketing

I rarely read business books, but as my business partner Mickey's urging (much closer to nagging, actually), I read Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch on my flights to and from Phoenix for the Southwest Fox conference. Wow! This is one of those seminal, "this will change your life" kind of books (well, not your life; if this book changed your life, you really needed to get a new life!). The book is an easy read: there's no marketing theory or page-filling fluff; it's just jammed full of ideas and "to-do's" about how to market your business. One of the key points is that you are in marketing even if you don't think you are. Everyone is in marketing to some extent or another.

I was so excited about the ideas I read in this book that I took several pages of notes. Mickey has been ordering copies of this book for everyone in our company, and we're even considering giving it to clients. It's now on my "requirted reading" list.


Game Geek said...

I don't think I can read this book. The picture on the cover is not 3M duct tape. *G*

Seriously, I've added it to my list. Does my company count as a small business?

Rick Schummer said...

You forgot to mention in this post how a major company in the Fox Community is mentioned in this book.

Doug Hennig said...

Good point, Rick. Visionpace is mentioned a couple of times, both because they used to be client of John's but also because they have some interesting marketing ideas.

Anonymous said...

I took your recommendation at SouthWest Fox and ordered the book from Amazon. It was waiting for me when I got home. Wow! You're right. I've already started dreaming up our new marketing plan.