Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Updated My Namespace

VFP developer Laurie Alvey pointed out to me that there were a couple of bugs in the Settings class of the My Namespace included in Sedna. One of them (the use of "System.Int32" in one place and "System.Integer" in another) was already fixed but the other (supporting "System.Double" in Save but not Load) wasn't. He also recommended adding support for System.Decimal for VFP Currency data types. Laurie not only pointed these out but also sent me the code for the fixes! You gotta love that!

I went over the FoxUnit tests I had created for the Settings class and found that I had only tested one data type, System.String/Character. So, I created additional tests so all data types were covered, and I'm really glad I did: I found a couple of bugs I'd inserted in the new code. Although I don't use it as much as I should, I love FoxUnit. I blogged about it at

I've posted an updated version on the Technical Papers page of one of my Web sites,


VfpImaging said...

Hi Doug,
Thanks for the update.

"MY" is something that I definitely need to study. Hopefully, we will be able to improve the Intellisense from GdiPlusX based in your great work.



Doug Hennig said...

Hi Cesar.

I think my Favorites for IntelliSense tool (which is similar to My but more extensible) would be perfect for GDIPlusX. You can download it from Let me know if you need any help with it.