Tuesday, January 30, 2007

OzFox Rocks!

As Craig Bailey has blogged, it's unfortunate that Craig Boyd had to pull out of OzFox. I'm bummed about it, not only because of the reason, but I was also looking forward to hanging out with Craig for several days. However, I'm also excited that Rick Schummer has stepped up to fill the void. Rick's been a good friend for years and is a great speaker, so while we'll miss Craig, the conference will still have a great set of sessions. Rick and I are going to do the keynote together in Craig's place. The two of us combined don't have the energy level of Craig (I remember whispering to him to breathe during the Southwest Fox 2006 keynote), but I think it'll be a great session anyway -- we'll be showing cool features in Sedna, including the Vista Toolkit Craig's been working on for Microsoft.

If you haven't registered for OzFox yet, hurry and do so before the cost goes up on Thursday. As anyone who attended the one in 2004 can tell you, this is a don't-miss conference. The energy and excitement levels were off the charts last time, and looking over the speaker and session list, I fully expect it to be the same this time.

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