Monday, June 05, 2006

DevCon Discount

Advisor Media is offering a $100 discount for Microsoft Visual FoxPro DevCon. Simply write "Doug discount" in the comment field of the registration form to qualify.

This will be my 16th DevCon as an attendee (I only missed the first one in Toledo in 1989), 13th as an exhibitor (1993 was the first), and my 10th as a speaker (1997 was the first). As far as I know, I'll be the only person to have attended 16 consecutive DevCons. Anyone know of someone who's attended them all?

For posterity, here are the ones I've attended:

1990 Toledo
1991 Toledo
1992 Phoenix
1993 Orlando
1995 San Diego
1996 Scottsdale
1997 San Diego
1998 Orlando
1999 Palm Springs
2000 Miami
2001 San Diego
2002 Ft. Lauderdale
2003 Palm Springs
2004 Las Vegas
2005 Las Vegas
2006 Phoenix


wOOdy said...

Hi Doug, this year it's the 15th one for me. I really feel old that way ;) I do miss the big FoxGang gatherings. DevCon isn't anymore what it was.

Doug Hennig said...

I hear ya, wOOdy. I'm not sure what attendance will be this year, but hopefully offering a discount will spur a few people to attend.

Anonymous said...

Like Woody, this'll be my 15th. Plus, it'll be my 13th as a speaker.

Doug Hennig said...

Yag blogged that this is also his 16th, albeit not consecutive.