Sunday, February 05, 2012

Updating the VFPX ReportBuilder.APP

There are a couple of bugs in the VFP 9 Service Pack 2 version of ReportBuilder.APP, which provides the Report Designer dialogs and event handlers. I discussed the first bug, which causes the Printer Environment setting for a report to be turned on when you click the font button in the Field or Label Properties dialogs, in an earlier blog post. The other is a small one: using code like:

do (_reportbuilder) with 3, "TablePath.DBF"

to specify a custom registry table causes DELETED to be set off. The fix for this is simple: save the current setting of DELETED in FRXBuilder.PRG before setting it off and restore the setting near the end.

Several people suggested I actually implement these fixes in the copy of ReportBuilder.APP (and the corresponding source code) available on VFPX, so I did so today.


Ugur YILMAZ said...

Dear Doug;

Thank you for fix the bugs. And thank you so much to effort for VFP...


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir !

I try to develop an VFP application, but I have some problem with the report builder. It has 2 nested grouping conditions and one detail band. The result is OK - on the first 8 page. And then something happens, and the reporter mixes the datas, in the group header is another data than in the group footer. I use VPF SP2 with KB968409 and I try the "" too, but the error remains. Have You got any idea? Thank You, and sorry for my bad english. Baumi

Doug Hennig said...

I suggest you post this question on Foxite so someone there can answer your question.